Our range of DURASID cladding is extremely durable, and is perfect for side faces, gables, bay windows, dormers, garden sheds, pool houses and more. We have four types of cladding that we offer to you, so continue reading to discover the different types today.

Durasid Original

This type of cladding is perfect if you’re using it on new builds and renovations, and this type can also be tailored to any design as it comes in a range of colour and finishes to fit with any property. This cladding has a high level of insulation that will help to improve energy efficiency, as well as allowing for easy maintenance.

Durasid Urban

Durasid urban features a light but warm appearance, which pairs perfectly with buildings with a contemporary feel to them. If you are looking for a long-lasting and durable cladding this is the perfect option.

Durasid Natural

If you love nature and natural elements, then this cladding option is perfect for you. This option features an embossed surface on the cellular boards, which is perfect for those who love this type of style. Not only is this stylish, but this cladding is also durable and long lasting.

Durasid Foresta

Our final option is the Foresta cladding that we offer. These wood-look panels are a great way to achieve the look of wood without the added expense and maintenance that comes with natural wood. They are also highly durable and will be easy to maintain. 

Cladding is an important part of any building, providing both insulation and weather protection. Here at Bluestone Windows, we offer a wide range of cladding products to suit every need. Our team can help you find the perfect cladding for your project, whether it’s new construction or renovation, so get in touch with us today to discover our options and prices.

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